Gilberto da Gente, M.S.

Applied Bioinformatics Specialist


Gilberto da Gente specializes in applied bioinformatics. His interest in computational approaches to solve biological problems began in 1997 as a research associate at U.C. Berkeley studying protein thermodynamics using additive principles to computationally predict protein folding and unfolding. Following completion of his graduate work at UCLA in 2003, Gilberto began his work at UCSF in the Immunogenteics and Transplant Laboratory developing software for data analysis and workflow process. With support from the UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management Gilberto also developed several lecture style series focusing on bioinformatics applications, resources, and basic programming skills geared as an open resource to the UCSF community. In Dr. Sherr’s lab, Gilberto is studying and developing software to understand and process the vast amounts of information produced from next generation sequencing data.

Gilberto da Gente is an Elsie and Otto Faerber Scholar, a DOE/GAANN fellow, and has been awarded the William J. Lockwood Prize. He attended Bard College for his BA in chemistry, and UCLA for his masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.